Lori Michelle is the co-owner of Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing and the editor-in-chief of Dark Moon Digest. In June 2011, she began working for Dark Moon Books where she formatted their now defunct e-magazine, Dark Eclipse, as well as formatting all of their other books for Kindle or Nook devices. She took over print formatting in March 2012 and since then, has formatted all of Dark Moon Digest’s print and e-versions. In August 2012, she took over co-ownership of the magazine, and then took over full ownership in 2013, when the Digest became a Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing publication.

She does 100% of Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing’s print and e-formatting and is a staff member for Bizarro Pulp Press, a JournalStone imprint. Lori also does all formatting work for BloodBound Books and  Crystal Lake Publishing. She has done work for Dark Renaissance, Tip My Hat Publications, Rooster Republic Books, MorbidbookS, Murmur House Press, Burning Willow Press, Page after Page Publishing, and Kraken Press.